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Why We’ll Need a Universal Basic IncomeImagine a little gadget...

Why We’ll Need a Universal Basic Income Imagine a little gadget called an i-Everything. You can’t get it yet, but if technology keeps moving as fast as it is now, the i-Everything will be with us before you know it. A combination of intelligent computing, 3-D manufacturing, big data crunching, and advanced bio-technology, his little machine will be able to do everything you want and give you everything you need.
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We've been getting a lot of questions about the universal basic income (UBI) these days. The concept is simple. Under a universal basic income system citizens (in some proposals, residents) of a country would regularly receive an un...

Owen Smith has totally shot down universal basic income

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Owen Smith has completely rejected the idea of adopting universal basic income as a Labour policy, saying it is a "lovely sounding" idea but nothing more. In practice, universal basic income (UBI) would mean an unprecedented overhau...

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In Part 1 of this series, I outlined some basic economic theory regarding a universal basic income (UBI) and work incentives. By a UBI, I mean an income support policy that provides a set monthly benefit to every citizen. A UBI, as ...


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