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Nintendo on why Wii U GamePad is its own thing, won't talk Pikmin 3 off-TV play

Entertainment / Video Games : GoNintendo

The following information comes from an interview with Nintendo's Kit Ellis... - "no comment" response on Pikmin 3 supporting off-TV play "The Wii U GamePad sort of occupies its own space in that it combines touch controls with more...

New Play Control! Pikmin coming to Wii U eShop this Thursday

Entertainment / Video Games : GoNintendo

North America is getting New Play Control! Pikmin this Thursday on Wii U. — Daan Koopman (@NintenDaan) September 27, 2016

Nintendo Teases Pikmin Wii With a Plant [New Play Control! Pikmin]

Entertainment / Video Games : Kotaku

Nintendo sent a message plant to Kotaku Tower today along with a postcard from Pikmin's Captain Olimar to tease the upcoming North American Release of New Play Control! Pikmin. The plant will, in a week or so, unfurl to reveal a sin...

Japan - Pikmin 2 rated, dated

Entertainment / Video Games : GoNintendo

While Pikmin ‘New Play Control’ is fresh on the Japanese market, Pikmin 2 ‘New Play Control’ has already been given a release date. Check out the rating info below for all the details. Play with Wii Pikmin Maker?Nintendo Platform?Wi...

Pikmin 2 ‘New Play Control’ - review

Entertainment / Video Games : GoNintendo

A portion of a C3 review… Pikmin 2 is a great game, ergo Pikmin 2 on Wii with fancy new controls is still a great game. What it isn’t though, is a new game. Repackaged and rehashed to make a quick buck, New Play Control: Pikmin 2 is...


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