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Baby Solar System Sprouts Galaxy-Like Arms

A stunning photograph taken from the ALMA observatory in Chile shows a young star surrounded by a large disk of gas and dust. Like our very own Milky Way, this protoplanetary disk exhibits a spiral structure—a feature that could solve a lingering mystery about how planets start to form. Read more...
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Puzzle of how spiral galaxies set their arms comes into focus

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MADISON — As the shapes of galaxies go, the spiral disk — with its characteristic pinwheel profile — is by far the most pedestrian. Our own Milky Way, astronomers believe, is a spiral. Our solar system and Earth reside somewhere nea...

ALMA makes first sighting of water snow line around young star

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Young stars are often surrounded by dense, rotating discs of gas and dust, known as protoplanetary discs, from which planets are born. The heat from a typical young solar-type star means that the water within a protoplanetary disc i...

Astronomers discover and 'weigh' infant solar system: Young star with rotating dust disk is youngest still-forming planetary system yet found

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A young star no more than 300,000 years old is surrounded by a disk of dust and gas rotating in the same manner as planets in our Solar System, making it the youngest such infant system yet found.

First 'bone' of the Milky Way identified

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Our Milky Way is a spiral galaxy -- a pinwheel-shaped collection of stars, gas and dust. It has a central bar and two major spiral arms that wrap around its disk. Since we view the Milky Way from the inside, its exact structure is d...

Astronomers detect the building blocks of life in a distant star system

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Astronomers from the European Southern Observatory have used the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) to observe the protoplanetary disk surrounding a young star, revealing the presence of complex organic molecules th...


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