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Intraspecific variability in the response to ocean warming and acidification in the scleractinian coral Acropora pulchra

Studies of coral colonies show that ocean acidification and temperature can affect calcification; however, less is known about the consequences for their populations. Understanding intraspecific variation in the response of corals to these conditions will be important for evaluating population-level consequences of environmental change. We examined intraspecific variability in the effects
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The impact of ocean acidification (OA) on coral calcification, a subject of intense current interest, is poorly understood in part because of the presence of symbionts in adult corals. Early life history stages of Acropora spp. prov...

Nutrient availability affects the response of juvenile corals and the endosymbionts to ocean acidification

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The interactive effects of nutrient availability and ocean acidification on coral calcification were investigated using post-settlement juvenile corals of Acropora digitifera cultured in nutrient-sufficient or nutrient-depleted seaw...

Expression of calcification and metabolism-related genes in response to elevated pCO2 and temperature in the reef-building coral Acropora millepora

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Declining health of scleractinian corals in response to deteriorating environmental conditions is widely acknowledged, however links between physiological and functional genomic responses of corals are less well understood. Here we ...

Sperm motility of the scleractinian coral Acropora digitifera under preindustrial, current, and predicted ocean acidification regimes

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Ocean acidification caused by the uptake of anthropogenic CO2 in the oceans negatively affects the early life stages of corals by reducing their calcification rate. Acidification also inhibits the sperm motility of corals, potential...

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We tested experimentally if irradiance can modulate the response of coral reef calcifiers to seawater warming and ocean acidification. Nubbins of the coral Acropora pulchra and individuals of the calcifying alga Hydrolithon reinbold...


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