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Building support for carbon emissions mitigation: can we use an ocean acidification frame to promote support?

Increasing public support for carbon emissions mitigation is crucial for solving global issues like climate change and ocean acidification (OA). Yet carbon emissions mitigation policies are typically discussed in the context of climate change and hardly ever in the context of OA. In this paper, we present carbon emissions in five different contexts (climate change, […]
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Global Ocean Commission policy paper: Climate change, ocean acidification and geo-engineering

Biology / Marine Biology : Ocean Acidification

Climate change and ocean acidification are, together, the biggest and least tractable threat facing the global ocean. The ocean is absorbing more than 90% of the heat trapped by our greenhouse gas emissions, and absorbing about a qu...

Ocean acidification: the little-known impact of CO2 emissions

Biology / Marine Biology : Ocean Acidification

Ocean acidification, like global warming, is a serious consequence of rising carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and a growing threat to coastal communities. Scientists and economists alike are calling for ocean acidification mitigation ...

Ocean acidification as an emerging issue (box on ocean acidification in book chapter)

Biology / Marine Biology : Ocean Acidification

Since the industrial revolution and the increase in the anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions, surface ocean pH has on average dropped by 0.1 units, from 8.25 to 8.14, equal to a 30% increase in acidity. Rising global CO2 emissions...

Ocean acidification and climate change: synergies and challenges of addressing both under the UNFCCC

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Ocean acidification and climate change are linked by their common driver: CO2. Climate change is the consequence of a range of GHG emissions, but ocean acidification on a global scale is caused solely by increased concentrations of ...

Impact of climate change mitigation on ocean acidification projections

Biology / Marine Biology : Ocean Acidification

Impacts of anthropogenic carbon emissions on the chemical state of the ocean are quantified for multi-gas emissions scenarios and for idealized emissions and concentration pathways. Mitigation scenarios lead to lower CO2, less clima...


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