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Brightest gamma-ray binary found

Gamma-ray binary is the name given to a system of two stars, one a normal star and the other either a neutron star or a black hole, whose radiative output is dominated by gamma-rays — the highest-energy form of light. These systems are rare, with only five of them having been found so far in...
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Black hole devours star, sparking gamma ray flash

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A monster black hole devoured a Sun-like star, producing a long-lasting gamma ray flash that probably won’t be seen on earth for another hundred million years, astronomers said Thursday. NASA’s Swift spacecraft first observed the ga...

Stellar Carnage as Neutron Stars Collide

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When two neutron stars collide, they viciously shred each other before merging into a black hole punctuated by a gamma ray burst. A new supercomputer simulation sets a mismatched pair of neutron stars in a death-spiral to investigat...

Highest resolution image of Eta Carinae

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(ESO) Astronomers have used the Very Large Telescope Interferometer to image the Eta Carinae star system in the greatest detail ever achieved. They found new and unexpected structures within the binary system, including in the area ...

A blast from its past dates the youngest neutron-star binary

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X-ray binaries are star systems made up of two parts: a compact stellar remnant -- either a neutron star or a black hole; and a companion star -- a normal star like our Sun. The new discovery, made in parallel with a radio telescope...

Crab Pulsar emits light at highest energies ever detected in a pulsar system, scientists report

Academics / General Science : ScienceDaily: Science Society

An international collaboration of scientists has detected the highest energy gamma rays ever observed from a pulsar, a highly magnetized and rapidly spinning neutron star. The Very Energetic Radiation Imaging Telescope Array System ...


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