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Explaining the Iron Drop Stones of the Sturtian Glaciation (Snowball Earth)

Sub–ice shelf ironstone deposition during the Neoproterozoic Sturtian glaciation Authors: Lechte et al Abstract: The Neoproterozoic Sturtian glaciation is considered to be among the most severe glaciations in Earth history, possibly encompassing the entire planet and lasting for more than 50 m.y. Iron formations are globally associated with Sturtian glacial successions, although the influence of glaciation on the genesis of these iron formations remains contentious.
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Global synchronous initiation of the 2nd episode of Sturtian glaciation: SIMS zircon U–Pb and O isotope evidence from the Jiangkou Group, South ChinaAuthors:Lan et alAbstract:Depositional age of the Xieshuihe Formation in the Nanhua...

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Evidence for Eocene–Oligocene glaciation in the landscape of the East Greenland margin Authors: Bernard et al Abstract: Assessing the onset and extent of Northern Hemisphere glaciation is required to understand Cenozoic climate chan...

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Organic-walled microfossil assemblages from glacial and interglacial Neoproterozoic units of Australia and SvalbardAuthors:Riedman et alAbstract:Before the onset of the Neoproterozoic Snowball Earth glaciations, eukaryotes had begun...

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Re-Os geochronology and coupled Os-Sr isotope constraints on the Sturtian snowball EarthAuthors:Rooney et alAbstract:After nearly a billion years with no evidence for glaciation, ice advanced to equatorial latitudes at least twice b...


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