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The Coming Cyberwar #18

Cyber Warfare:This is the 21st century info warfare and where the 3rd offset strategy intersects with it. The US Army is getting in on the hacking domain. The NSA cyber weapons were compromised by the Russians through an operator error. An hacker who was working for ISIS has been sentenced to 20 years in prison.After the hacks by the Russians, the US must decide how to react.
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As the White House unveils a new international cyber security strategy, Need to Know delves into the story of Stuxnet, the sophisticated and devastating computer virus that may launch a 21st Century global arms race.

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“Space systems are symbols of national power and this makes them appealing targets,” said Deganit Paikowsky, a space policy researcher at Tel Aviv University.. “Harmful activity is to be expected in the intersection between cyber an...

Coming Cyberwar #10

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Cyber Warfare:The Pentagon wants AI to hack enemy networks.Muslim Indonesian 'cyber warriors' are taking on IS/Daesh online.The USMC needs to start preparing for cyberwar now.How to use cyberwarfare to maintain the advantage over th...

The Coming Cyber War #13

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The Coming Cyber War #15

Biology / Paleontology : The Dragon's Tales

Cyber Warfare: DARPA had a hacking game of capture the flag for AI and 'Mayhem' won the $2 million prize. The Chinese Info Warfare branch gets profiled.A hacker group is claiming to have hacked the NSA's Equation Group and is offeri...


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