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The Bridge Toll-Evading Mercedes Benz and BMW Owners of Frisco

Tweet(I didn’t take most of these particular shots.) Anywho, what do we see here – do we see the three parked cars of the occupants of one unit of housing all carousing about license plate-free on the Streets of San Francisco? I think so. Are these people pulling a Steve Jobs? Are they driving registered […]
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Street Justice, Frisco Style: Former San Francisco Taxicab Takes Up Two Parking Spaces on Fell, Pays a Price

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TweetLet’s see here, the penalty for parking a Mercury Grand Marquis (aka Ford Crown Victoria) on the mean streets of San Francisco is, assuming that you carelessly take up two spaces, this: Click to expand See? This car was clean w...

Breaking the Code: Blue Handicap Placards are for Luxury Cars and Red Handicap Placards are for Regular Cars

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TweetSee? The brand-new Mercedes Benz and the Lexus have blue placards but the Honda has to make do with just a red placard. Financial District, San Francisco: Why is it that every brand new Mercedes parked in San Francisco’s Financ...

White Over Raspberry – The Smartest-Looking GO-4 Intercepter Three-Wheeler in Town – But Is This Legal?

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Tweet“San Francisco, in particular, has an active meter-maid-motoring community.” Can you legally perpendicular park your Frisco Family Car in a parallel parking area? I know not. This kind of thing is agin the rules if you used a f...

License Plate Update: It’s Not Just Bridge Toll Evaders, Now Law Enforcement Likes to Use Paper “Dealer Plates” – A Strange Convoy

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TweetHere we go – it’s a convoy, on Webster Street. Who’s inside? IDK, prolly a VIP from some authoritarian regime, like the Peoples Republic of something-stan or some other place where they occasionally need to roll the tanks throu...

San Francisco Story: You Can Afford a Mercedes Benz But Not a Parking Space for It – So You Park on the Front “Lawn”

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TweetThere used to be grass here, ‘neath this Benz, but it’s gone. Long gone. So now all you need to do is twist 90 degrees and you’re parked: Oh Lord, won’t you park me my Mercedes Benz/ My friends all have Uber, I must make amends...


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