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No Correlation of Telomere Length with Longevity in Nematodes

Average telomere length in cells reflects some combination of cell division rates and cell replacement rates: telomeres shorten with each cell division until cells self-destruct because telomeres are too short, and replacements are generated with long telomeres by stem cells. The stem cell activity that delivers those replacements tends to decline with age, and so average telomere length tends to decrease as well.
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Telomeres are caps of repeated DNA sequences at the ends of chromosomes. They shorten with each cell division, one part of a limiting mechanism for the number of times that somatic cells can replicate. Average telomere length in tis...

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Telomeres are the caps at the ends of chromosomes, shortening with each cell division in normal cells. When very short a cell self-destructs or falls into a senescent state and ceases further replication. Stem cells maintain long te...

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Telomeres are lengths of repeated short DNA sequences that cap the ends of chromosomes. The process of cell division shortens telomeres, and they form a part of the cell division counter that gives most somatic cells an expiration d...

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Average telomere length in blood cells tends to decline with advancing age, but it is a dynamic measure that should probably be regarded as an indirect reflection of health and robustness. Consider that telomeres shorten with each c...

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Telomeres are lengths of repeated DNA at the ends of chromosomes. Telomeres shorten with each cell division, and when they get too short cells self-destruct or become senescent. Thus their average length in any particular tissue, in...


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