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Larry Summers is beginning to see Effective Demand

Larry Summers wrote a post yesterday about the hollowing out of the middle class and how that has lowered consumption and led to secular stagnation. He says that this effect must be taken into account for policy. Well I sit here after 4 years of building models of Effective Demand using labor share… My models […]
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Larry Summers's secular stagnation speech at the IMF in November last year set the economic world ablaze as the Harvard professor warned tha t asset bub bles might be necessary for developed economies to reach their potential growth...

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Larry Summers' squad of secular stagnation subs criber s just got stronger. Secular stagnation — or the idea that there is a growing supply-demand imbalance in the global economy — has been a major concern of Summers' since he first...

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In early November, Larry Summers gave a major speech at the IMF that outlined his fear that the United States could be entering a period of secular stagnation where the economy fails to create enough demand and bubbles are necessary...


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