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Hitting Crisp Irons From Tight Lies

Sports / Golf : How to Break 80

Excessive hand action on tight lies often leads to fat and thin shots. So the key to hitting crisp irons from tight lies is to keep hand action to a minimum. To do that, you need to lead with your … Continue reading ?

We Ban Lies, To Officials

Business & Finance / Economics : Overcoming Bias

When I posted before on not seeing why lies should be legal, many complained that laws against lies are impractical. But in fact, it has long been illegal to lie to government officials: Did you know that it is a … Continue reading ...

Obama’s Deficit Lies Exposed in Three Easy to Read Charts

US Politics / Conservative : Gateway Pundit

Throughout his first term and during the recent campaign Barack Obama blamed the Bush tax cuts for the trillion dollar deficits. It was a lie. He knew it was a lie. The media knew it was a lie. They let … Continue reading ?

Why Do They Continue The Big Lie?

US Politics / Liberal : The Democratic Daily

We were LIED to. We continue to be LIED to, and CBS and MSNBC (and lord knows who else) continue to feed us a cropped video intended to manipulate and distort our view of reality... Continue reading ?

What you need to know about debate fact-checks: Donald Trump lies. A lot. Tremendously. Big league.

US Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

Throughout the presidential campaign, from the primaries to the general election, Donald Trump has been a special kind of liar. So why would things change during the third and final debate of the campaign? Trump continued to lie an ...


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