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according to Groth. IV.22

The French text can be found at the Canulars Bourbaki, and the English translation below is from Maurice Mashaal’s book Bourbaki, a secret society of mathematicians, page 115. I’ve underlined a couple of riddles in the text. ———- The Cantor, Hilbert, and Noether families; The Cartan, Chevalley, Dieudonne, and Weil families; The Bruhat, Dixmier, Godement,... Continue reading ?
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Nicolas Bourbaki spent much of the twentieth century publishing rigorous and revolutionary papers on mathematics. So why haven't you heard of him? Because he never existed. He was the name taken by a secret society of French mathema...

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Nicholas Bourbaki was the collective pseudonym of a semi-secret group of French mathematicians, best known for the formal style of mathematics it promoted. The group insisted that Bourbaki was a real person, but only as a joke. The ...


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