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How to stop taking Ambien

Health / Addiction : AddictionBlog

You stop taking Ambien by gradually reducing (tapering) your Ambien dose. Experts suggest a taper schedule of withholding an Ambien dose every other day or every third day. Learn more about the principles and protocol behind Ambien ...

Ambien overdose: How much amount of Ambien to OD?

Health / Addiction : AddictionBlog

It’s difficult to overdose on Ambien, but even at lower doses Ambien can cause potential health risks. More on how much Ambien is safe for you and Ambien overdose here.

How long does Ambien last?

Health / Addiction : AddictionBlog

Ambien lasts and can affect the body for 8 hours after one dose. Learn more about Ambien dosing, dangers, and more here.

How long does Ambien stay in your system?

Health / Addiction : AddictionBlog

Ambien stays in your system and is detected by urine sceens 1-2 days after use. But Ambien can be detected in hair samples weeks after ingestion. More on the detection window for Ambien here.

Ambien dangers: short and long term Ambien side effects

Health / Addiction : AddictionBlog

What is Ambien? Ambien is the brand name for the medicine called zolpidem, which depresses the central nervous system and can help people suffering from seizures, anxiety, or sleep disorders. Potential side effects of Ambien http://...


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