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About That, er, Monetary Expansion...

Business & Finance : Angry Bear

Brad DeLong has a spat with Scott Sumner:The IS-LM model led economic historians to argue money was easy in 1929-30, because rates fell sharply. It led modern Keynesians to assume that money was easy in 2008, because rates fell shar...

Guest Post: Fed Policy Risks, Hedge Funds And Brad DeLong’s Whale Of A Tale

Business & Finance : Zero Hedge

In brief - The Seven Long-Term Risks that every card-carrying Keynesian high priest would prefer you not to focus on... Submitted by F.F. Wiley via Cyniconomics blog, I have to say it was disappointing to see Brad DeLong’s latest de...

Hoisted from the Archives: Brad DeLong in Unctuous, Smug Pre-Great Recession Mode on the Varieties of "Keynesianism"

Business & Finance / Economics : Grasping Reality with Both Hands

June 2, 2007: On Keynesian Economicses and the Economicses of Keynes - Brad DeLong's Grasping Reality with Both Hands: With respect to, I think that there are two ways to understand the divergence of perspectives here. The first is ...

'Unreal Keynesians'

Business & Finance / Economics : Economist's View

Paul Krugman: Unreal Keynesians: Brad DeLong points me to Lars Syll declaring that I am not a “real Keynesian”, because I use equilibrium models and don’t emphasize the instability of expectations.... I don’t care whether Hicksian I...

'Do not Underestimate the Power of Microfoundations'

Business & Finance / Economics : Economist's View

Simon Wren-Lewis takes a shot at answering Brad DeLong's question about microfoundations: Do not underestimate the power of microfoundations: Brad DeLong asks why the New Keynesian (NK) model, which was originally put forth as simpl...


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