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Morning Cup of Links: Duck Tron

Humor : mental_floss

Why Are Finland’s Schools So Successful? “We prepare children to learn how to learn, not how to take a test.” Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about the Rise of Shaky-Cam. Wiggly camera shots are distracting, annoying, and may be...

Morning Cup of Links: Singing Mice and Floating Ants

Humor : mental_floss

The Mystery of the Singing Mice. Researchers believe they have discovered that mice can carry a tune, but anyone who’s seen An American Tail knew that already. Duck news: AFLAC has found its new voice. And a baby duckling terrorize...

Duck Drill Sergeant

Humor : Neatorama

(YouTube link) In Russia, the ducks must fall in line! This farmer knows how to make them snap-to, and stay in formation as they go through their drill. I wonder what happens to those who don’t get with the program -duck soup? -via ...

Morning Cup of Links: Duck Crossing

Humor : mental_floss

A Very Brony Hannukah. The characters from My Little Pony celebrate the Festival of Lights through a collection of fan art. You’ll need nerves of steel to watch this traffic camera account of a mother duck and her ducklings crossin...

Morning Cup of Links: 'Roots' Tonight

Humor / odd : mental_floss

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