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Four short links: 3 October 2016

Deep-Fried Data, Myth History, Shadow Regulation, and Inside an AI Startup Deep-Fried Data (Maciej Ceglowski) -- I find it helpful to think of algorithms as a dim-witted but extremely industrious graduate student, whom you don't fully trust. You want a concordance made? An index? You want them to go through 10 million photos and find every picture of a horse? Perfect. You want them to draw conclusions on gender based on word use patterns? Or infer social relationships from census data? Now you need some adult supervision in the room.
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Four short links: 13 July 2016

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EU vs AI, Diverse Genomics, Modern Dev, and These Robots Were Made for Walkin' EU Regulations on Algorithmic Decision-Making (PDF) -- We summarize the potential impact that the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation...

Four short links: 28 May 2014

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Maciej Ceglowski on Our Internet — If you haven’t already read this because someone pushed it into your hands, read it now. If these vast databases are valuable enough, it doesn’t matter who they belong to. The government will alway...

Remembrance of Links Past -- Maciej Ceglowski

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Remembrance of Links Past -- Maciej Ceglowski: Since Pinboard has collected a lot of bookmarks at this point, I thought it would be interesting to actually run the numbers on link rot - the depressing phenomenon in which perfectly h...

Four short links: 7 December 2011

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Don't Be a Free User (Maciej Ceglowski) -- pay for your free services, else they'll go away. Katta -- Lucene for massive data sets in the cloud. (via Pete Warden) Old Weather -- crowdsourced transcription of old nautical journals to...

Four short links: 29 June 2016

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Healthy Skepticism, VR Storytelling, Isolating Portraits, and Knowledge-Free Bots The Moral Economy of Tech (Maciej Ceglowski) -- I am very suspicious of attempts to change the world that can't first work on a local scale. The Strug...


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