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Early development reveals axolotl mysteries

In the amphibian world, the axolotl is the replacement-parts king.
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Rabbits can't do it, neither can frogs, but zebrafish and axolotls can and flatworms are true masters of the craft: regeneration. Why some animals can re-grow lost body parts or organs while others cannot remains a big mystery. And ...

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This is the axolotl of Mexico, a bizarre amphibian capable of regrowing limbs and even its spine with ease.

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Inspired by amphibians like salamanders, researchers from the University of Southampton are developing a new type of drug that may help bones heal faster and better. Using bone samples from people undergoing hip replacement surgery,...

Bizarre Perma-Tadpole Axolotl Now Extinct in the Wild

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by Dan Nosowitz Every five years, scientists take a survey of the axolotl in ancient Lake Xochimilco, in southern Mexico City, the only place in the world where the amphibian still lives. In 1998 there were 6,000. In 2003 there were...

Early development reveals axolotl mysteries

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(Morgridge Institute for Research) Researchers from the Morgridge Institute for Research looked at 17 different development stages of the axolotl -- a remarkable model organism capable of complete limb regeneration -- and found a hi...


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