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Viewpoint: Showtime for Molecular Movies

Author(s): Marc J. J. Vrakking Molecular movies of vibrating iodine molecules have been recorded in time-resolved x-ray and electron diffraction experiments. [Physics 9, 112] Published Mon Oct 03, 2016
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Viewpoint: Taming Ultracold Molecules

Academics / Physics : American Physical Society

Author(s): Susanne Yelin Riding the coattails of cold atomic physics, researchers have demonstrated the ability to steer cold molecules into desired quantum states. [Physics 9, 60] Published Fri Jun 03, 2016

Physics Week in Review: September 24, 2016

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Jen-Luc Piquant took a week off from compiling cool physics links, but she's back now! A breakthrough quantum "cat state" experiment with iodine molecules, a new distance record for quantum teleportation, and how Moneyball's basic s...

Viewpoint: Cold Results from Fast Lasers

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Author(s): John F. Barry Ultrafast lasers show promise to cool down and trap atomic species inaccessible to more traditional methods. [Physics 9, 115] Published Mon Oct 10, 2016

Viewpoint: Improving Electronic Structure Calculations

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Author(s): Kieron Burke A new approach to calculating the properties of molecules and solids may offer higher accuracy at reasonable computational cost, accelerating the discovery of useful materials. [Physics 9, 108] Published Mon ...

Viewpoint: Relaxons Heat Up Thermal Transport

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Author(s): Alan McGaughey A recasting of the theory that underlies thermal transport in electrical insulators relies on new vibrational modes called relaxons. [Physics 9, 118] Published Mon Oct 17, 2016


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