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Adorable Snoring Dormouse

Humor : Laughing Squid

An adorable hazel dormouse, a small rodent that hibernates for long periods, was captured snoring in the video titled Snoring Dormouse posted by thamesditton46. The video was shot by The Surrey Wildlife Trust Mammal Project Officer,...

Shhh, Don't Wake Up This Adorable Snoring Hedgehog

Humor : Huffington Post: Comedy

When Puti the albino hedgehog snoozes, she lets her owner know with some adorable noises. Hedgehogs commonly snore, as well as make noises like hissing, chirping, huffing and coughing. Though snoring is usually no cause for concern,...

This Dog's Snore Is THE BEST

Humor : Huffington Post: Comedy

A dog snoring is never not adorable... but this one is kind of the best. Not only does Becks here sound just like Donald Duck...

Snoring dog is your nightmare room mate

Humor : Mashable: Watercooler

Grab your ear plugs. Youtube user Brandi Nichols has an adorable, fluffy dog. However, the giant pup has an incredible snore. Do they sell nose strips for dogs? This fake bike helmet that looks like plastic, toy hair needs to happen...

Dog's snoring is so cute we'd be happy if it woke us up in the middle of the night.

Humor : Happy Place

Yawn. We wish we were cartoonishly snoring right now. Awww. Why is it so much cuter when a dog snores than when a human does? When your human sleeping partner snores it never sounds like an adorable duck blowing bubbles. It sounds l...


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