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The Brexit-News Boom?

Start with a bog-standard second-year textbook Mundell-Fleming ISLMBP model. Start in equilibrium at Y, then hit it with a negative shock to Net eXports. The IS curve shifts left initially, at the previous equilibrium exchange rate. But the central bank...
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S&P: Brexit won't give UK exports a boost as big as Leave campaigners touted

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Brexit will not give UK exports a boost as huge as many of those who backed leaving the European Union have argued since the vote, according to new research from credit ratings agency Standard and Poor's. Since the vote, it has been...

Rosenberg On The Pending Trade Shock And Q4's 0% GDP Growth

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It would appear that the dilemma of the world exporting more than it imports (that we initially pointed out here) is starting to come to a head in reality with a negative export trade shock. As Gluskin Sheff's David Rosenberg notes,...

Neo-Wicksellian indeterminacy in pictures

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Pre-requisite: second year macro (go read the intermediate textbook on ISLM). Start with the standard ISLM model. Then assume the central bank targets a rate of interest, so the LM curve goes horizontal. This is what we get: The IS....

A glitch in the IS-LM model

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Many top economists use the IS-LM model to support low interest rates. The LM curve of the IS-LM model is built upon a model of financial markets. In the graph above, money supply has been pushed far to the right to keep interest ra...

Teaching Mundell Fleming

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The Mundell Fleming model is usually taught in second year macroeconomics. It's the open economy version of the ISLM model. This post is me disagreeing with Simon Wren-Lewis about teaching open economy macro (in textbooks and in the...


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