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Free Video Lecture Courses in Philosophy

Academics / Philosophy : Virtual Philosopher

Academic Earth has two Yale Philosophy lecture courses - one on Death and one on Political Philosophy - available free from the Philosophy section of their site. These are great times for autodidacts!

Academic Philosophy

Academics / Philosophy : Maverick Philosopher

Academic philosophy too often degenerates into a sterile intellectual game whose sole function is to inflate and deflate the egos of the participants. But this is no surprise: everything human is either degenerate or will become deg...

On Philosophical Denials of the Obvious

Academics / Philosophy : Maverick Philosopher

In philosophy, appeals to the obvious don't cut much ice because, as Hilary Putnam says somewhere, "It ain't obvious what's obvious." And as Spencer Case, MavPhil Cairo correspondent, points out, "... in contemporary academic philos...

Obscure, Neglected, and Underrated Philosophers

Academics / Philosophy : Maverick Philosopher

A reader demands a list. Here we go. It is very far from complete. To list is not to endorse. Contemporary academic philosophy is hyperprofessionalized and overspecialized. An exposure to some of the following may have a broadening ...

Against Professional Philosophy

Academics / Philosophy : Maverick Philosopher

There is some interesting material here. Certainly contemporary academic philosophy in the Anglosphere and elsewhere is over-specialized and hyper-professionalized. A critique is needed. I have given the APP effort only a cursory re...


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