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5 New Products Aimed Directly at The Worst People You Know

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By Erik Germ Published: December 02nd, 2011 The Internet is full of useful places that can help you find a job, sell your stuff or locate the exact instances of nudity within a movie, among other basic necessities. But when they say...

5 Shockingly Dark Scenes Starring Iconic Kids' Characters

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By Erik Germ Published: October 25th, 2014 People go on and on about how wholesome and innocent the past was, yet they rarely mention the never-ending parades of brutal death porn that were old-timey cartoons. It turns out that dest...

4 Weird Realities Of Life As An Adult Thumb Sucker

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By Erik Germ Published: October 11th, 2015

26 Viral News Stories That Would Break the Internet

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By CRACKED Readers Published: October 04th, 2013 When something goes viral these days, you can count on 24 hours of commentary, a meme or two, and then that's it. But what if a story was so shocking that the Internet literally packe...

5 Relationship Zones Worse than 'the Friend Zone'

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By Winston Rowntree,J.F. Sargent Published: February 04th, 2014 The Internet loves hating on "the friend zone," because the Internet sees friendship as the highest form of torture a horrible woman can impose on a sweet and infallibl...


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