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Mysterious Interdimensional Portal Opens Over Bridge City, Texas, Sparks Traffic Chaos After Generating EMP Waves That Shut Down Moving Vehicles [Video]

UFO hunters claim that a mysterious interdimensional portal, linked with UFOs exiting and entering our universe from another dimension of space and time, was sighted over Texas very recently. The event sparked traffic chaos after electromagnetic waves generated by the portal phenomenon shut down vehicles in motion. The weird incident spooked hundreds, or perhaps thousands.
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Mysterious Bright Light Over Canberra Was UFO Exiting Stargate Portal Not ‘Ball Lightning’ Phenomenon, UFO Hunters Say [Video]

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NASA Shuts Down Live ISS Stream As Mysterious UFO Enters Earth’s Atmosphere, UFO Hunters Claim [Video]

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UFO hunters have raised alarm about an alleged intrusion of Earth’s atmosphere by a massive UFO. The mysterious space object, according to UFO chasers, was spotted on the live ISS stream entering the Earth’s atmosphere on July 9, 20...

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