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What Will $4 Billion In Taxes Pay For?

Business & Finance : Huffington Post: Business Blog

Thanks to The New York Times, we learned what we have long suspected: Donald Trump has not been paying income tax. He claims to have made $10 billion. Let's take him at his word. Someone earning that much money should owe the Americ...

Why most American businesses pay their vendors, even without loser-pays

Industries / Law : Overlawyered

As has often been noted, the so-called American Rule on fees in litigation (prevailing party has no right to recover fees from loser) creates an incentive for businesses to refuse to pay the full sums they owe suppliers, since it wo...

CNN host laughs out loud at Trump surrogate claiming Trump pays ‘hundreds of millions’ in taxes

News : The Raw Story

CNN host Kate Bolduan laughed out loud in Tuesday’s pre-debate panel discussion, when Donald Trump surrogate André Bauer tried to claim that Trump actually pays millions in taxes. “Number one, Donald Trump pays more in taxes in one ...

10 Tuesday AM Reads

Business & Finance / Investing : The Big Picture

My two-fer-Tuesday morning train reads: • Why thousands of millionaires don’t pay federal income taxes  (Washington Post) see also Searching for the Truth in Trump’s 1995 Tax Return (Bloomberg View) • A Dozen Things You can Learn by...

Trump, Taxes, and Other Thoughts

Politics / US Politics : The Moderate Voice

Does a man who does not pay his fair share of federal taxes deserve to be president? Does he even deserve to be running for president? Can a man who looks down on those who pay their taxes as suckers and losers represent the country...


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