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A new boron isotope-pH calibration for Orbulina universa, with implications for understanding and accounting for ‘vital effects’

Boron isotope ratios, as measured in planktic foraminifera, can be a useful tracer of past ocean pH, and hence help to discern the concentration of CO2 in the ancient atmosphere. However, different species of planktic foraminifera demonstrate different patterns of boron isotope variation with ambient seawater pH. Therefore when applying the proxy to questions in […]
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Direct measurement of the boron isotope fractionation factor: Reducing the uncertainty in reconstructing ocean paleo-pH

Biology / Marine Biology : Ocean Acidification

The boron isotopic composition of calcium carbonate skeletons is a promising proxy method for reconstructing paleo-ocean pH and atmospheric CO2 from the geological record. Although the boron isotope methodology has been used extensi...

Tracing the strength of the southwest monsoon using boron isotopes in the eastern Arabian Sea

Biology / Marine Biology : Ocean Acidification

Here we present the first boron isotope-based pCO2sw (pCO2 of seawater) reconstruction from the eastern Arabian Sea using the planktic foraminifera species Globigerinoides ruber. Our results from sediment core AAS9/21 show that pCO2...

A new method for calibrating a boron isotope paleo-pH proxy using massive Porites corals

Biology / Marine Biology : Ocean Acidification

The boron isotope ratio (?11B) of marine biogenic carbonates can reconstruct pH and pCO2 of seawater, and potentially CO2 concentration in the atmosphere. To date, ?11B-pHSW calibration has been proposed via culturing experiments, w...

Controls on boron incorporation in cultured tests of the planktic foraminifer Orbulina universa

Biology / Marine Biology : Ocean Acidification

Culture experiments with living planktic foraminifers reveal that the ratio of boron to calcium (B/Ca) in Orbulina universa increases from 56 to 92 ?mol mol? 1 when pH is raised from 7.61 +/– 0.02 to 8.67 +/– 0.03 (total scale). Acr...

Calibration of the boron isotope proxy in the planktonic foraminifera Globigerinoides ruber for use in palaeo-CO2 reconstruction

Biology / Marine Biology : Ocean Acidification

The boron isotope-pH proxy, applied to mixed-layer planktic foraminifera, has great potential for estimating past CO2 levels, which in turn is crucial to advance our understanding of how this greenhouse gas influences Earth’s climat...


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