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UFO Aliens Built Space Launch Facility On Earth 7,000 Years Ago, Discovered Pluto And Planet X Or Nibiru, Iraqi Minister Says [Video]

A senior Iraqi government minister has claimed that the ancient Sumerians who settled in the Middle Eastern region of Mesopotamia, now southern Iraq, about 7,000 years ago (5500 to 4000 BC), built a space launch facility in the region and launched spacecraft to explore our outer solar system. The historical region of Mesopotamia is recognized... Read more » UFO Aliens Built Space Launch F
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UFO Hunters ‘Discover’ Fossilized Dinosaur Skull On Mars — Proof Of Ancient Jurassic Creatures On Mars, Alien Hunters Make Jaw-Dropping Claim [Video]

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UFO hunters have announced sensationally the “discovery” of indisputable evidence of ancient Jurassic creatures that lived on Mars millions of years ago. The latest “discovery,” according to alien hunters, supersedes all previous cl...

Aliens Convene A Meeting In Space? NASA Image Shows Alien UFO Motherships At Point L1 Between Earth And Sun In Space, According To Conspiracy Theorists [Video]

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UFO conspiracy theorists claim to have spotted two giant alien UFO motherships, supposedly interstellar spaceships, rendezvousing near point L1 in space, about one million miles (0.01 AU) from Earth. The massive alien UFOs, accordin...

Secret Entrance To UFO Base On Nepal Himalayas Blacked-Out On Google Earth — Alien Base Or Government ‘Area 51’ Facility? [Photos]

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Alien and UFO hunters claim to have discovered the entrance to a secret underground UFO base located at the Kangtega peak of the Nepal Himalaya. A large area of the Kangtega peak is blacked out on Google Earth, an indication — accor...

NASA’s New Horizons Photo Shows ‘Giant Alien Snail’ On Surface Of Dwarf Planet Pluto [Photo]

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NASA recently unveiled curious-looking high-resolution images of the Sputnik Planum region of the dwarf planet Pluto, sent back to Earth by the New Horizons space probe during its flyby of Pluto last July. And according to UFO and a...

UFO Hunters: Proof Of Ancient Mars Civilization Link To Japanese Culture Discovered On Google Maps [Video]

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UFO and alien hunters claim to have discovered identical ancient structures on the planet Mars and Japan (Earth) that prove a historical link between Japanese and Martian civilizations. The discovery, according to alien hunters, pro...


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