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Dinosaurs Copied Triassic Reptiles

Triassic Reptile Shows Example of Convergent Evolution with Dinosaurs A team of scientists including researchers from Virginia Tech College of Science and the University of Chicago have identified a new species of Triassic Archosaur (potentially), one that shared some remarkable anatomical characteristics with its much later and very distant relatives, the bone-headed dinosaurs.
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Researchers name a new species of reptile from 212 million years ago

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(Virginia Tech) An extinct reptile related to crocodiles that lived 212 million years ago in present day New Mexico has been named as a new species, Vivaron haydeni, in a paper published this week by Virginia Tech's Department of Ge...

Malawania anachronus: A Ghost Lineage Ichthyosaur Taxon From the Early Cretaceous of

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An international team of scientists have revealed a new species of ichthyosaur (a dolphin-like marine reptile from the age of dinosaurs) from Iraq, which revolutionises our understanding of the evolution and extinction of these anci...

Extreme Equatorial Climates Slowed the Rise of the Dinosaurs

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Climate of the Tropics too Unstable for the Dinosaurs to Dominant in the Late Triassic The vast majority of the reptile species found today are confined to the tropics.  However, a new study undertaken by an international team of re...

Triassic Fossils Shed Light on Dinosaur Growth Rates

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Triassic Fossil Study Suggests Fossil Size a Poor Predictor of Maturity in Ancient Reptiles Scientists at the Department of Geosciences at Virginia Tech (Blacksburg, Virginia, USA), have published a paper in the “Journal of Vertebra...

Parahupehsuchus longus: a Turtle Convergent, "Tube" Carapaced Marine Reptile From Spathian Triassic China

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A Carapace-Like Bony ‘Body Tube’ in an Early Triassic Marine Reptile and the Onset of Marine Tetrapod Predation Authors:Chen et alAbstract:Parahupehsuchus longus is a new species of marine reptile from the Lower Triassic of Yuan’an ...


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