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'Ocean Worlds of Our Solar System' --NASA's Stunning Infographic (VIEW)

NASA scientists have detected subsurface oceans on dwarf planet Ceres and a number of outer solar system moons, including Jupiter's Europa, Saturn's Enceladus, Neptune's Triton, and most recently, a vast subsurface ocean on Pluto. "I believe we are going to...
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NASA detects subsurface ocean on solar system’s largest moon

Technology / Hardware : Extremetech

NASA announced today that it's detected subsurface oceans on Ganymede, the solar system's largest moons, while earlier announcements point to hydrothermal vents on Enceladus, the small moon of Saturn.

NASA Scientists --"Vast Ocean of Saturn's Moon Enceladus Could Be the Site of a Second Genesis"

Academics / Astronomy : The Daily Galaxy

Chris McKay, an astrobiologist with NASA says: "I've been interested in the search for life in the Solar System for decades and I'm still flabbergasted by what we're seeing on Enceladus. It's such a small world so far from Earth,...

Enceladus's Vast Subsurface Ocean --"Hints at Strong Heat Source and Emergence of Life"

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With eruptions of ice and water vapor, and an ocean covered by an ice shell, Saturn's moon Enceladus is one of the most fascinating in the Solar System, especially as interpretations of data provided by the Cassini spacecraft have b...

NASA: "Confirms Global Ocean on Saturn's Moon Enceladus"

Academics / Astronomy : The Daily Galaxy

NASA scientists say that they've confirmed that an ocean covers the entire moon Enceladus -a 500km-wide body in the outer Solar System. A paper published this week in the journal Icarus images from NASA's Cassini orbiter display evi...

New NASA Work on Jupiter's Moon, Io --"Has Implications for the Search for Extraterrestrial Life"

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A new NASA study has implications for the search for extraterrestrial life. Certain tidally stressed moons in the outer solar system, such as Europa and Saturn's moon Enceladus, harbor oceans of liquid water beneath their icy crusts...


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