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Synopsis: Undoing the Effects of Gravitational Lensing

Researchers demonstrate a method for removing gravitational lensing effects that distort maps of the cosmic microwave background. [Physics] Published Wed Oct 05, 2016
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Physicists find evidence of cosmic inflation

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The BICEP2 experiment has detected signs of gravitational waves in the cosmic microwave background radiation, with big implications for the theory of cosmic inflation. Almost 14 billion years ago, the universe we inhabit burst into ...

Constellation Eridanus and a cold spot in the cosmic microwave background

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In 2004, astronomers examining a map of the radiation leftover from the Big Bang (the cosmic microwave background, or CMB) discovered the Cold Spot, a larger-than-expected unusually cold area of the sky. The physics surrounding the ...

Synopsis: Bang a Gong

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A reflective surface can distort the acoustics of a sounded gong, an effect that might be used to demonstrate cavity quantum electrodynamics in the classroom. [Physics] Published Thu Jun 02, 2016

Previously Unknown Window --"May Reveal Existence of Hidden Dark-Matter Particles"

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Dark Matter is thought to exist because of its gravitational effects on stars and galaxies, gravitational lensing (the bending of light rays) around these, and through its imprint on the Cosmic Microwave Background (the afterglow of...

Synopsis: Anisotropy Limits for the Universe

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A new study of the cosmic microwave background places the strictest limits to date on a rotating Universe and other forms of cosmic anisotropy. [Physics] Published Wed Sep 21, 2016


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