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Are #PTSD Survivors Weak? (And The Healing Tool I Didn't Share In My TEDx Talk)

Published on PTSD is Not a Weakness. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is anything but a weakness. It is our strength. It means that we kept going. · Trauma is common. About six of every 10 US adults experience at least one trauma in their life. · Some individuals who have gone through trauma turn out fine, with little to no long-term repercussions. However, a small percentage of people go on to develop PTSD.
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What Is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? What Is PTSD? What Causes PTSD?

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PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) is triggered by a traumatic event - it is a kind of anxiety. The sufferer of PTSD may have experienced or seen an event that caused extreme fear, shock and/or a feeling of helplessness. Most of ...

Do Genes Play A Role In PTSD? Study Of Rwanda Genocide Survivors Suggests Yes

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A study of Rwandan Genocide survivors, some with and some without post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD, suggests that genetic factors influence the relationship between a person's "traumatic load", or the number of traumatic event...

Certain Therapies Appear Beneficial in Reducing PTSD Symptoms in Some Trauma Survivors

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Prolonged exposure therapy, cognitive therapy, and delayed prolonged exposure therapy, appear to reduce posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms in patients who have experienced a recent traumatic event, according to a report publishe...

Psychological Stress And Trauma Susceptibility Detected WIth Brain Imaging

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Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a severe type of anxiety disorder that can occur after an individual experiences a traumatic event. However, at present, doctors are unable to predict who will develop these disorders. Now, a...

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Published on Messages and the Media - Ideas Worth Spreading? TEDx is all about "ideas worth spreading."  My TEDx idea stemmed from discoveries I made from the world around me as I healed from a decade of traumatic medical...


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