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Alien Conspiracy Theory: NASA Mars Photo Shows Great ‘Wall,’ Ancient City On The Red Planet

A NASA photo taken by the Mars Curiosity Rover apparently depicts a “wall” in some hilly terrain on the Red Planet, according to alien enthusiasts. Not only does the NASA Mars photo seem to show an “ancient wall,” it is suggested that the structure is part of some “alien ruins” erected by an intelligent ancient... Read more » Alien Conspiracy Theory: NASA Mars Photo Shows Great ‘Wal
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NASA Faked Mars Landings: Mars Rover Photos Were Taken In Simulated Mars Environment On Devon Island, Canada, According to Conspiracy Theorists

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A conspiracy theory fast gaining traction online makes the astounding claim that NASA’s Curiosity and Opportunity rovers never traveled to Mars and that the images of the Martian environment being uploaded to NASA websites were actu...

Curiosity Rover Photo Of Fossil Fish On Mars Is Proof Of Ancient Marine Life On The Red Planet, Says UFO Blogger [Photo]

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A UFO blogger claims to have spotted a fossilized or petrified fish in a photo of rock-strewn Martian terrain snapped by NASA’s Curiosity rover earlier this week. UFO blogger Scott C. Waring made the astonishing claim in a recent po...

UFO Blogger ‘Discovers’ Flowing Water On Mars — Curiosity Rover Photo ‘Shows’ Dark Streaks of Flowing Liquid Water In Gale Crater [Photo]

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An online UFO blogger has claimed “discovery” of liquid water flowing on the planet Mars in a photo of the Martian surface captured by NASA’s Curiosity rover. The photo, sourced from NASA’s JPL website, was taken by Curiosity rover ...

Snakes On A Planet? NASA Photo Reveals Snake On Mars, UFO Enthusiasts Say

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A photo taken by the NASA Curiosity Rover on Mars has more than a few UFO enthusiasts convinced that there might be life on the Red Planet after all — in the form a snake. Several UFO researchers posted videos online after the Mars ...

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Discovers Stone Carving Of Alien Face On Mars [Photos]

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NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover has discovered a stone carving of an alien face — evidence of ancient alien civilization on the Red Planet — according to online UFO and Mars anomaly hunters. The latest discovery of alleged evidence of a...


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