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Josh Barro didn’t leave conservatism. Conservatism left Josh Barro.

Business & Finance : Ezra Klein

I know Josh Barro. Josh Barro is a friend of mine. Josh Barro does not climb trees and throw coconuts at you, as the Atlantic’s graphic alleges. But he really, really, really likes talking about state pension systems. That part … Co...

'Trump Plan Is Tax Cut for the Rich, Even Hedge Fund Managers'

Business & Finance / Economics : Economist's View

Josh Barro: Trump Plan Is Tax Cut for the Rich, Even Hedge Fund Managers: Donald Trump’s tax plan, released Monday, does not live up to the populist language he has offered on taxes all summer. When talking about taxes in...

Here's the best theory we've seen of how Trump paid so little tax

Business & Finance : Business Insider: Money Game

At a rally Tuesday in Arizona, Donald Trump sought to blame Hillary Clinton for his own low tax bills. He asked: "After years of failure, she complains about how I've used tax laws of this country to my benefit. Then I ask a simple ...

Here's Theory #3 On How Donald Trump Got $916 Million in Tax-Free Income

Politics / US Politics : Kevin Drum

The theories are piling up! Today, Josh Barro summarizes a theory from Lee Sheppard in Tax Notes about how Donald Trump managed to show a $916 million operating loss on his 1995 tax return. By my count, this is the third plausible t...

How Much Do Public Companies Pay In Income Taxes?

Business & Finance : Forbes: Business

Facebook Provision 40.3% - Paid 4.4% Facebook reported $6.2 billion in pretax income and an "income tax expense" of $2.5 billion - 40.3%. It actually paid $273 million - 4.4%. The dramatic spread between the provision and the amount...


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