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Toothy, Rodent-like Reptile Is Our Ancient Forebear

They're toothy, furry and tiny, but their existence kicked of an evolutionary success story 240 million years in the making. Cynodonts are some of the earliest ancestors of mammals, often referred to as ‘mammal-like reptiles.’ They first arose around 260 million years ago, just before the greatest extinction of all time which claimed 95 percent of all life on Earth. In particular, probaino
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Not the end of the world: Why Earth's greatest mass extinction was the making of modern mammals

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The ancient closest relatives of mammals – the cynodont therapsids - not only survived the greatest mass extinction of all time, 252 million years ago, but thrived in the aftermath, according to new research.

Walking fish reveal how our ancestors evolved onto land

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About 400 million years ago a group of fish began exploring land and evolved into tetrapods – today's amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. But just how these ancient fish used their fishy bodies and fins in a terrestrial enviro...

Latitude and rain dictated where species lived

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More than 200 million years ago, mammals and reptiles lived in their own separate worlds on the supercontinent Pangaea, despite little geographical incentive to do so. Mammals lived in areas of twice-yearly seasonal rainfall; reptil...

Jurassic mammals were picky eaters, new study finds

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New analyses of tiny fossil mammals from Glamorgan, South Wales are shedding light on the function and diets of our earliest ancestors, a team reports. Mammals and their immediate ancestors from the Jurassic period (201-145 million ...

Meet Grandad: Weird, Ancient Reptile Gave Rise to Mammals

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Two weird, mammal-like reptiles that sort of looked like scaly rats, each smaller than a loaf of bread, roamed ancient Brazil about 235 million years ago, likely dining on insects the predators snagged with their pointy teeth, a new...


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