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Immigration quotas, an aspect of the immigration debate no one talks about

Academics / Philosophy : Dangerous Idea

Sometimes I think that we make mistakes when we tempt reasonable people to break the law. Prohibition would be an example. When I was in a high school debate on legalizing pot, I came up with an argument that said that since marijua...

It's not just the Labour Party – the left is in meltdown all over Europe

Politics / UK Politics : News

Tempting though it is to blame Ed Miliband for Labour’s poor performance in the local and regional elections, I doubt Labour would have fared much better under another leader. As David Goodhart pointed out in a recent article in The...

Immigration restrictions are the one policy that can save the Labour Party – but they're so mesmerised by diversity they cannot see it

Politics / UK Politics : News

Away from the main stage and today’s headline act, Maurice Glasman’s comments about immigration seemed to have done great damage to “Blue Labour”. On Monday the Labour peer and academic told the Daily Telegraph that “Britain is not ...

Why you should love immigrants, capitalism and big business

Politics / UK Politics : News

Conventional wisdom has it that Labour has an immigration problem – that being seen to take a less tough line on immigration than the Conservatives is killing Labour's election hopes. So Yvette Cooper saying that the Labour Party wo...

That NuLabour “mistake” over mass immigration wasn’t a mistake non-shock

US Politics / Libertarian : The Libertarian Alliance

by Robert Henderson Since they lost the 2010 election, the Labour Party have been religiously spinning the line that the massive immigration they presided over during their 13 years in ...


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