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The argument against ridicule

Academics / Philosophy : Dangerous Idea

Loftus completely ignores my argument for what I said, which has to do with the principle of charity. An argument for something, if it is done right, does the best it can to state the other side's position as fairly as possible, and...

Jedediah Purdy: The (Im)morality of Capitalism: How to Have the Argument We Aren't Having

News : Huffington Post

By all means, let's keep arguing about the morality of Bain Capital. But let's ask questions that give us answers we can use.

Most Terrorists Are Nitwits, Ctd

Politics : The Daily Dish By Andrew Sullivan

Andrew Exum sizes up Daniel Byman and Christine Fair's argument:I think the ineptitude is just one side of a wider trend. Keeping the argument to Britain for now; before 9/11, to become an extremist, you had to be fairly committed.....

In Defense of Meat Eaters, Part 1: The Evolutionary Angle

Health : Mark's Daily Apple

Meat is murder. Meat will clog your arteries. Meat is an unnatural food. Man is really an herbivore. Meat will give you cancer. Meat is bad for the environment. It’s easy to forget that these are the common arguments leveled against...

Q&A: Is This Partner Arrangement Fair?

Business & Finance / Entrepreneurship : Planning, Startups, Stories

I get these emails, summarizing one side of an argument, asking me to guess or comment on fairness. For example, in an email I just received, the one asking me has worked for 18 months “with significant intellectual contribution.” H...


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