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Are your ribosomes in a twist?

How Vulpine Designs is addressing the cellular equivalent of compiler problems. Making proteins the right way can be a challenge Tracing the intracellular contraptions of life is essential to understanding how to debug our life code. Alas, without a software development kit, API, or even a manual--let alone easy-to-understand source code--we have to reverse-engineer the machine code of living things.
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The regulating hand in ribosome formation

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Biochemists have discovered a protein that regulates the hierarchical organization of ribosome development. Ribosomes are complexly structured cellular nanomachines consisting of four ribonucleic acids and approximately 80 different...

Advanced techniques yield new insights into ribosome self-assembly

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — Ribosomes, the cellular machines that build proteins, are themselves made up of dozens of proteins and a few looping strands of RNA. A new study, reported in the journal Nature, offers new clues about how the ribos...

Researchers design first artificial ribosome

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Researchers have engineered a tethered ribosome that works nearly as well as the authentic cellular component, or organelle, that produces all the proteins and enzymes within the cell. The engineered ribosome may enable the producti...

In creation of cellular protein factories, less is sometimes more

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Ribosomes are the cellular machines that make proteins, the molecules that carry out the majority of life's functions. To make ribosomes, cells need to make an abundance of amino acids (the raw material of proteins) and adenosine tr...

Possible explanation for human diseases caused by defective ribosomes

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Ribosomes are essential for life, generating all of the proteins required for cells to grow. Mutations in some of the proteins that make ribosomes cause disorders characterized by bone marrow failure and anemia early in life, follow...


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