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If falconry is the human sport of hunting using trained birds of...

If falconry is the human sport of hunting using trained birds of prey, what’s it called when Medieval rabbits go hunting using snails? Snailery?  This awesome illustration from the Pontifical of Guillaume Durand is another exampled of a drollery (previously featured here).  Visit the blog of Jon Kaneko-James to learn more about drolleries. discardingimages bunny hunter Pontifical of Guillaume Durand, Avignon, before 1390.
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Paragliding + Falconry = Parahawking

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Falconry is cool, but you know what's even better? Flying with the bird of prey, which is now a reality thanks to the sport of parahawking (previously on Neatorama). Check it out: YouTube Link

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When we talk about the hunting of animals, most often think of dogs. But along with them, our ancestors used, birds of prey. The tradition of hunting with tame bird of prey appeared very long ago, but now it is preserved only … Cont...

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If you’re looking for an awesome new hobby, we’d like to suggest the breathtaking sport of of Parahawking. Combining the thrill of paragliding with the majesty of falconry, birds of prey are trained to fly with paragliders and even ...


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Falconry is the art of using a trained raptor (bird of prey) to hunt wild quarry like birds or small mammals. The practice dates to at least 2000 BC and birds used for falconry (or hawking, a near-synonymous term in the modern parla...

Drones for hunting wild quarry – Falconry receives a boost - Ancient art of falconry is also getting intruded by drones, this is not making falconry purists very happy

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Image: WingBeat The concept of falconry is indeed intriguing. A trained bird of prey is used to hunt wild preys in their natural state and habitat. Those who are falconry enthusiasts know very well that this is an art which demands ...


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