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NASA announces discovery of first earthlike planet in habitable zone

News / Independent News : RIA Novosti

NASA said its Kepler mission has confirmed its discovery of a first earthlike planet in the habitable zone, the area where liquid water could exist on a planet's surface.

Getting Closer? Newest Kepler-2 Findings "Reveal Earthlike Planets Common in Milky Way Galaxy"

Academics / Astronomy : The Daily Galaxy

"Most planets we have found to date are scorched. This system is the closest star with lukewarm transiting planets," Petigura said. "There is a very real possibility that the outermost planet is rocky like Earth, which means this pl...

'Earthlike' planet Kepler-22b found - but could you live there?

Local Interest / England : The Week: Sports

New planet could harbour liquid water but scientist casts doubt on whether it is habitable One-Minute Read LAST UPDATED AT 10:19 ON Tue 6 Dec 2011 NASA scientists have discovered a planet that is the closest yet to "earth's twin" or...

New Earthlike rocky planet is as hot as hell

Academics / Astronomy : Skymania News

This is a post from Skymania News - Space and astronomy news and advice plus night sky Excited astronomers have discovered the closest Earthlike rocky planet beyond our own Solar System - but it is almost certainly too hot for life....

Our Closest Earthlike Planet Appears to Be Covered in Water

Technology : Vice: Motherboard

Oceans on Proxima b could harbor life.


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