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Recycle All You Want—the Planet Won't Notice. A Video Interview with Gernot Wagner

Lifestyle / Green Living : TreeHugger

I sat down with the author of But Will the Planet Notice? to discuss how all of our recycling and composting isn't actually doing much to save the planet.

Biased Behavioral Econ

Business & Finance / Economics : EconLog

(April 14, 2016 11:39 AM, by Bryan Caplan) Behavioral economists often use their findings to argue for government intervention. Critics of behavioral economics often accuse its practitioners of a tacit double standard: Human irratio...

The Economic Indicator That Has Predicted The Presidency Since 1972

Business & Finance : Forbes: Business

Economist Danielle Marceau explains the interesting dynamics at play during an election year, looking specially at the one economic indicator that has predicted presidential outcomes since 1972.

Only Economists Can Save the Planet

Business & Finance / Economics : Ed Dolan's Econ Blog

Gernot Wagner’s But Will the Planet Notice? is the book I would like to get my neighbors to read. The ones who use canvas shopping bags, take short showers, recycle, and think that is enough. The ones who think “environmental econom...

We Recycle for Earth Day: Electronics, Recycling

Lifestyle / Green Living : TreeHugger

Collin did such a fine job of putting together our Earth Day posts last year that we decided to practice what we preach, conserve energy, and recycle them. When it comes to equating everyday behavior with saving the planet, ...


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