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Siobhan Thompson of ‘Anglophenia’ Explains Why Brits and Americans Spell Some Words Differently

Humor : Laughing Squid

In the latest episode of Anglophenia (see previously), host Siobhan Thompson explains why Brits and Americans spell some words differently. It traces back to Noah Webster and the desire to free America from British rule in language ...

Why Americans and the British Spell English Words Differently

Technology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Have you ever wondered why Americans and Brits spell English differently? How are colour and color the same word? Centre and center? What’s up with that? It’s all thanks to Noah Webster (yeah, the Webster of Merriam-Webster). When A...

11 Weirdly Spelled Words - And How They Got That Way

Humor : The Presurfer

Why is English spelling so messed up? We get the same sounds spelled different ways (two, to, too), the same spellings pronounced different ways (chrome, machine, attach), and extra letters all over the place that don't even do anyt...

How British and American Spelling Parted Ways

Humor / odd : Neatorama

When you set up your spellcheck on your computer, you must choose between British and American English, because even in text, they are becoming different languages. Why do Americans spell words differently from the British? While it...

20 British Words That Mean Something Totally Different In The U.S

Humor : The Presurfer

image credit 1 and 2 In the United States they speak the same language as in Great Britain, but they don't always speak it the same way. Here are 20 words that have pretty different meanings in Great Britain than they do in the U.S....


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