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Evidence of an Impact Induced Hydrothermal System in the Auki Crater on Mars?

Geology and mineralogy of the Auki Crater, Tyrrhena Terra, Mars: A possible post impact-induced hydrothermal systemAuthors:Carozzo et alAbstract:A variety of hydrothermal environments have been documented in terrestrial impact structures. Due to both past water interactions and meteoritic bombardment on the surface of Mars, several authors have predicted various scenarios that include the formation of hydrothermal systems.
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Central Pit Craters on Mars Formed Explosively?

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Evidence for an explosive origin of central pit craters on MarsAuthors:Williams et alAbstract:Kilometer-scale pits are nested in the centers of many impact craters on Mars as well as on icy satellites. They have been inferred to for...

Amazonian Eon Thermokarst in the Danielson Crater of Arabia Terra on Mars

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Amazonian thermokarst in Danielson crater, Arabia Terra region, MarsAuthors:Baioni et alAbstract:This paper describe the possible ice-related landforms observed within Danielson crater which is centered at about 8°N and 353°E, in th...

Evidence of a Varying Environment on Mars Based on Comparisons to Rio Tinto, Spain

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Orbital evidence for clay and acidic sulfate assemblages on Mars based on mineralogical analogs from Rio Tinto, SpainAuthors:Kaplan et alAbstract:Outcrops of hydrated minerals are widespread across the surface of Mars, with clay min...

Evidence of a Glacial-Based Hydrological Cycle in Mars' Gale Crater

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A Cold Hydrological System in Gale Crater, MarsAuthors:Fairén et alAbstract:Gale crater is a ~154-km-diameter impact crater formed during the Late Noachian/Early Hesperian at the dichotomy boundary on Mars. Here we describe potentia...

Comparing the Lonar Crater of India to Martian Impact Craters and Hypothetical Crater Lakes

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Drainage systems of Lonar Crater, India: Contributions to Lonar Lake hydrology and crater degradationAuthors:Komatsu et alAbstract:Lonar, a 1.8-km-diameter impact crater in India, is a rare example of terrestrial impact craters form...


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