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(October 8, 2016 11:47 AM, by Amy Willis) Seems like a new theme...Again this week, I was happy to see Jason Zweig's post on his experience with "one of the best interviewers anywhere," our very own Russ Roberts. And it turns out that this week's guest is... (0 COMMENTS)
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Moving Across My Monitor

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(October 1, 2016 09:35 AM, by Amy Willis) I loved reading John Cochrane's reflections on his EconTalk conversation with Russ Roberts (this week's episode) on his blog, The Grumpy Economist. Who doesn't want affordable housing? Refor...

Continuing Education... Michael O'Hare on Art Musuems, by Amy Willis

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This week, EconTalk host Russ Roberts interviewed Michael O'Hare on the somewhat mysterious world of art museums and the way their visitors experience art there. As always, we'd like to hear what you took from this week's conversati...

Weapons of Math Destruction

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(October 6, 2016 04:03 PM, by Amy Willis) We've heard a lot about the power of Big Data lately on EconTalk. But this week, host Russ Roberts invited a skeptic- who's also a data scientist- to discuss some of its possible dangers. Ca...

Continuing Conversation... Russ Roberts and Mike Munger on How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life, by Amy Willis

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This week, there was a new sheriff in town! Russ Roberts was the guest in this week's episode, while EconTalk fave Mike Munger stood in as interviewer. The subject was Roberts's new book, How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life. Whether...

Jason Zweig on Finance and the Devil's Financial Dictionary

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Jason Zweig of the Wall Street Journal and author of The Devil's Financial Dictionary talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about finance, financial journalism and Zweig's new book. Zweig discusses rationality and the investor's cha...


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