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Epic Comment Fight Of The Week: NO ONE IS SAFE On Wonkette! (Trigger Warning)

US Politics / Liberal : Wonkette

This week’s Deleted Comments column is unusual in that no comments were actually deleted, although there was far greater drama than in the average deletia, and a commenter did end up getting tapped with the Banhammer of Loving Corre...

An Ode To Donald Trump And A Peen For Wonkette: 2015’s Worstest Deleted Comments

US Politics / Liberal : Wonkette

Another year gone by, and another torrent of deleted comments from the finest collection of loons, goons, and poltroons a comments moderator could ever wish would just go away. With our new Disqus commenting system came a whole floo...

Deleted Comments: Away With You, Wonkette, And All Your Bawdy Talk!

US Politics / Liberal : Wonkette

We have a semi-rare treat to lead off this week’s Deleted Comments column, for it is neither a comment, nor was it deleted! Instead, it is a genuine olde-fashioned email to Yr Editrix from a dissatisfied reader, “Tuatha502,” who sim...

Deleted Comments: Why Is Wonkette So Full Of Stanky Vaginas? WHY?

US Politics / Liberal : Wonkette

Time for another foray into the Deleted Comments bin, and this week we’ll get right to the point with this puissant analysis of what’s wrong with Wonkette, from one “Trump4theWin,” whose username suggests they enjoy a good game of w...

Deleted Comments Of The Week: Wonkette’s Reptilian Hybrids Write Horrific Pieces Of Gruel

US Politics / Liberal : Wonkette

We keep learning fascinating things from our Deleted Commenters, who this week inform us we're lizard people. And here we thought we were furries.


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