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Weekend Reading: John Bell (1989): Against "Measurement"

John Bell (1989): _[Against "Measurement"][]_: >Uncertainty over terms such as 'apparatus' is still rife in serious discussions of quantum mechanics, over 60 years after its conception: >This article is published with the permission of Plenum Publishing, New York; it will appear in the proceedings of _62 Years of Uncertainty_ (Erice,...
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University of Toronto scientists cast doubt on renowned uncertainty principle

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TORONTO, ON – Werner Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, formulated by the theoretical physicist in 1927, is one of the cornerstones of quantum mechanics. In its most familiar form, it says that it is impossible to measure anything ...

Quantum computers could overturn Heisenberg's uncertainty principle [Mad Physics]

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The uncertainty principle is at the foundation of quantum mechanics: You can measure a particle's position or its velocity, but not both. Now it seems that quantum computer memory could let us violate this rule. More »

Scientists score new victory over quantum uncertainty

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Uncertainty affects the accuracy with which measurements can be made in quantum physics. To reduce this uncertainty, physicists have learned to "squeeze" certain measurements. Researchers are now reporting a new type of measurement ...

Fake violations of Bell tests reinforce importance of closing loopholes

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( -- In quantum mechanics, Bell?s inequalities serve as a test of nonclassical behavior: if something (such as a light source) violates Bell?s inequalities, then it can be considered to involve quantum behavior. Ensuring...

Quantum dynamics of simultaneously measured non-commuting observables

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In quantum mechanics, measurements cause wavefunction collapse that yields precise outcomes, whereas for non-commuting observables such as position and momentum Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle limits the intrinsic precision of a ...


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