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THEY’RE ALWAYS IN THE LAST PLACE YOU LOOK: As hunt for sterile neutrino continues, mystery deepens….

THEY’RE ALWAYS IN THE LAST PLACE YOU LOOK: As hunt for sterile neutrino continues, mystery deepens.
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Italian neutrino experiment to move to the US

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The world’s largest liquid-argon neutrino detector will help with the search for sterile neutrinos at Fermilab. Mysterious particles called neutrinos seem to come in three varieties. However, peculiar findings in experiments over th...

Scientists at Antarctica's IceCube Observatory find no evidence of sterile neutrino particles

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Scientists at the IceCube Neutrino Observatory in Antarctica who have been searching for mysterious particles known as sterile neutrinos have come up empty. The results, described in Physical Review Letters, leave some troubling gap...

Horton Hears a Sterile Neutrino?

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Article: Limits on Active to Sterile Neutrino Oscillations from Disappearance Searches in the MINOS, Daya Bay, and Bugey-3 Experiments Authors:  Daya Bay and MINOS collaborations Reference: arXiv:1607.01177v4 So far, the hunt for st...

Hunting the nearly un-huntable

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Scientists on two neutrino experiments—the MINOS experiment at Fermilab and the Daya Bay experiment in China—have presented results that limit the places where sterile neutrinos might be hiding.

As hunt for sterile neutrino continues, mystery deepens

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Physicists have hypothesized the existence of fundamental particles called sterile neutrinos for decades and a couple of experiments have even caught possible hints of them. However, according to new results from two major internati...


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