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Leaked Clinton Emails Talk About Aliens While NASA Tells Conspiracy Theorists To Take A Hike

It’s a strange time in space exploration. We want to go to Mars, but maybe not, possibly the moon first, what about extraterrestrials, UFO’s don’t exist except when they talk to astronauts, and oh yes, we have a presidential candidate who is courting the alien believer vote. In April, Hillary promised to send a fact-finding... Read more » Leaked Clinton Emails Talk About Aliens While NASA
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Six-Inch Alien Spotted In NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover Photo Proves ‘Atacama Skeleton’ Was Extraterrestrial Visitor, UFO Hunters Say [Video]

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Online UFO conspiracy theorists claim to have found “absolute proof” of intelligent biological life on Mars and proof that the famous six-inch “Atacama Alien” skeleton discovered in Chile in 2003 was a Mars alien visitor to Earth. A...

NASA Did It Again! UFO Hunters Accuse Space Agency Of Shooting Down Europe’s Mars Lander: U.S. Wants Monopoly Of Space, Does Not Want ESA To Find Alien Life On Mars

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UFO hunters have accused NASA of sabotaging the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Mars lander that lost communication about a minute before landing Mars on Wednesday. According to UFO conspiracy theorists discussing the latest space inc...

NASA Interrupts Live Transmission After Four-Armed UFO Glistening Brightly In The Sun Appears Near International Space Station, ET Hunters Claim [Video]

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UFO hunters claim to have once again caught NASA shutting down live transmission from the International Space Station (ISS) to hide evidence of alien UFOs in space. According to UFO hunters, NASA cut the live feed after a large four...

NASA Covering Up Alien Existence? Horseshoe UFO On ISS Live Cam Reveals Possible Alien Cover Up, Not The First ISS Live Cam Cut After UFO Appears

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The International Space Station (ISS) Live Cam reveals possible alien cover-up after a horseshoe UFO was spotted hovering ISS, as previously reported by Inquisitr. Is NASA covering up alien existence? Conspiracy theorists are floodi...

Leaked Clinton Emails Prove Alien Cover-Up? Podesta Discusses UFOs, Imminent Space War, ET Intervention With NASA Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Pope Has Proof Of Extraterrestrial Life [Video]

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Newly-leaked WikiLeaks emails reveal that last August, John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager and well-Known member of the UFO and alien disclosure movement, exchanged emails with former NASA astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell, t...


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