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Effects of ocean acidification increase embryonic sensitivity to thermal extremes in Atlantic cod, Gadus morhua

Thermal tolerance windows serve as a powerful tool for estimating the vulnerability of marine species and their life-stages to increasing temperature means and extremes. However, it remains uncertain to which extent additional drivers, such as ocean acidification, modify organismal responses to temperature. This study investigated the effects of CO2-driven ocean acidification on embryonic
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Adjustments of molecular key components of branchial ion and pH regulation in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) in response to ocean acidification and warming

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Marine teleost fish sustain compensation of extracellular pH after exposure to hypercapnia by means of efficient ion and acid-base regulation. Elevated rates of ion and acid-base regulation under hypercapnia may be stimulated furthe...

Effects of ocean acidification and warming on the mitochondrial physiology of Atlantic cod

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The Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) is an economically important marine fish species exploited by both fishery and aquaculture, especially in the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans. Ongoing climate changes are happening faster in the high...

Differential impacts of elevated CO2 and acidosis on the energy budget of gill and liver cells from Atlantic cod, Gadus morhua

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Ocean acidification impacts fish and other marine species through increased seawater PCO2 levels (hypercapnia). Knowledge of the physiological mechanisms mediating effects in various tissues of fish is incomplete. Here we tested the...

Effects of ocean acidification on the calcification of otoliths of larval Atlantic cod Gadus morhua

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The growth and development of the aragonitic CaCO3 otoliths of teleost fish could be vulnerable to processes resulting from ocean acidification. The potential effects of an increase in atmospheric CO2 on the calcification of the oto...

Ocean warming and acidification modulate energy budget and gill ion regulatory mechanisms in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua)

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Ocean warming and acidification are threatening marine ecosystems. In marine animals, acidification is thought to enhance ion regulatory costs and thereby baseline energy demand, while elevated temperature also increases baseline me...


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