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How deadly would a nearby gamma ray burst be?

Despite the obvious doom and gloom associated with mass extinctions, they have a tendency to capture our imagination. After all, the sudden demise of the dinosaurs, presumably due to an asteroid strike, is quite an enthralling story...
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Short gamma ray bursts could cause mass extinction

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Short gamma ray bursts could be more damaging to life on Earth than longer ones, says a Washburn University astrophysicist who's been studying data from the SWIFT satellite. read more

Gamma Ray Burst From Star Cluster May Have Triggered Mass Extinction on Earth

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When it comes to mass extinctions, most of us immediately think of the event that killed dinosaurs. However, there have been several far more destructive mass extinctions in Earth's turbulent history -- some which have come much, mu...

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When searching for causes of Earth's mass extinctions, scientists instinctively turn to geophysical calamities: volcanic eruptions, methane bursts, asteroid strikes and other obvious dooms. But in the most massive extinction of all,...

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A large comet was the likely cause of the end-Cretaceous mass extinction event that killed off the dinosaurs, not an asteroid, new research has found. The research found that the 180km-wide Chicxulub crater in Mexico was created by ...

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The exact cause of the mass extinction 66 million years ago, that included the dinosaurs, has been a matter of considerable debate over the past three decades. There’s been a lot of evidence pointing towards asteroid or comets impac...


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