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RESOLVING THE TROLLEY PROBLEM IN FAVOR OF THE TROLLEY’S OWNER: Self-Driving Mercedes Will Prioritize Occupant Safety over Pedestrians. The world’s oldest carmaker no longer sees the problem, similar to the question from 1967 known as the Trolley Problem, as unanswerable. Rather than tying itself into moral and ethical knots in a crisis, Mercedes-Benz simply intends […]
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Get Off the Trolley Problem

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Imagine you are driving down a two-lane road at about 45 miles per hour, cruising home. You see a group of kids walking home from school about 100 yards ahead. Just as you’re about to pass by them, an oncoming 18-wheeler swerves out...

Now Mercedes Says Its Driverless Cars Won't Run Over Pedestrians, That Would Be Illegal

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Last week Mercedes got a lot of attention—and not necessarily the good kind—after one of its managers said that in the future, the automaker’s self-driving cars would prioritize the safety of occupants over pedestrians. Now Mercedes...

Mercedes Decides Who An Autonomous Car Should Save And The Answer Is Worrying

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For years now carmakers have been avoiding addressing the Trolley Problem. In the event of an imminent crash, who does your car protect: you, the occupant, or a pedestrian? Read more...

Mercedes Says its Future Autonomous Cars will Prioritize Life of Passengers over Pedestrians

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Have you ever heard of the “Trolley Problem?” Well, basically, it’s a Philosophical question that asks you to imagine that you’re riding on a runaway trolley. Up ahead there are five workers on the track. You can’t stop the trolley,...

Mercedes denies claims its self-driving cars will prioritize own occupants over other road users

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Self-driving cars have the potential to bring substantial societal benefits, the primary one being improved safety. The thinking is that by replacing the human with a computer, the number of accidents could be dramatically reduced. ...


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